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01 May 2013


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Brent Peters

I came across your article as I was doing a web search on Rev. D. Lothar Schwabe who passed away yesterday. The link to his article is not working any longer but that doesn’t matter as I gather from your response to him and from web search on you, that you have no concerns with practicing LGBTQ2+ persons taking full part in the sacraments of the church, including marriage (not sure if it is considered a sacrament in you denomination).
On one hand, I can understand the desire to be inclusive, as Jesus was certainly an example of that for us, not turning away anyone who was genuinely seeking to know more about him (rich, poor, Gentile, Jew, Pharisee, Samaritan, etc…)

On the other hand, I observe that his inclusion certainly had limits (i.e. pointing out that the rich young ruler still had things to work out before he could be part of the God’s kingdom). Nowhere in scripture do I see that God is pleased with same-sex sexual relations, in fact God specifically prohibited those relations. Which all begs the question, as to why do you believe that God changed their mind and now approves of those same relations?

Charles Fredrickson

Dear Mr. Peters,
Thank you for your thoughts. I was not aware that the link was no longer working so I appreciate that note. In regards to your other points, I sense that you have spent some time and thought on the topic of full inclusion (LGBTQ2+). One key point in my journey to full inclusion is similar to your comment "Nowhere in scripture....prohibited those relations." In reading scripture, I have found that at times we have construed God's intent for creation. For example as part of the covenant keeping as developed over the ages the Hebrew people prescribed their societal norms onto God's law (see Leviticus). Thus, in order to remain in right relationship with God they saw eating pork as not being in right relationship with God. Similarly they saw homosexuality (male/male) in that same vein. As a Christian, I believe that our right relationship with God is through Christ. As such I know longer saw those same OT scriptural references through the same vein. Blessings on your journey of faith.

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